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Family from Santa Monica
Hodge Family
Sebastien Family
Branham Family
Bratcher Family
Copeland Family
Dixon Family
Garner Family
Geiger Family
Griffith Family
Sandy, Elaine and Miles from Frankfort
Flores Family
Hardin Family
McKnight Family
Orr Family
Scott Family
Scholtz Family
Thompson, Dusty
Family from  Boston Mass.
David and Jocelyn in Boston Mass
Green Family
Boyle Family
Family from Ohio
Genelda and Bryan Myers in Loysville, PA
Orr Family


See, she’s not spoiled at all!
I was initially quite reluctant to buy a puppy without seeing it in person or meeting the breeder.  Speaking with Michele on the phone, however convinced me she was caring and knowledgeable about her dogs and I liked the fact they were home raised and socialized.
Coco is a perfect dachshund puppy (and, so far, in my life I have had 7 of them!)  She is not only beautiful, she is loving, curious smart and playful.  I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one from Landachs.

Thank you.



Many thanks to Landashs Kennels for such a nice puppy. We’ve been looking for just the right male pup to add to our breeding program & found Michele & her Doxies.
One day Cocoa will become an important part of program, but for now he is enjoying just being loved & sleeping in the bed with us.
We couldn’t have asked for a nicer dog!

Thanks again,
Debi from Oakley Farm in Virginia


This is Star, she belongs to the Sebastien Family of Austin, IN



We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your love and care for our new addition to our family.  When we decided to add to our family it was a real concern that we would find another dachshund as sweet as our little Ms. Molli; but we have. As a volunteer for a dachshund rescue organization, I was very pleased with Landachs Kennels.

When we made the decision to search for Molli’s new friend, I went to the Internet for help. I remember typing in the search bar, “dachshund puppies for sale”. I was surprised to see how many locations were listed. But, to our delight, Landachs Kennels was located in the heart of the Bluegrass State.  After much research, and several emails later, we were happy with our decision to adopt our new baby from you. Not only is she adorable, but to find that her grandfather is our Molli’s father was a delight!

We could not have asked for a better place to care for our little one. You were completely professional and your knowledge of the breed was obvious. It was wonderful to find your place nestled in part of the Bluegrass farming community. What better place could there be to care for our four legged friends?
I believe that Ms. Molli and Sassy Saedi will be forever friends! They have been inseparable since we brought her home.

Thank you,
The Copeland Family
Lexington, KY


We want to thank Landach’s Kennels so much for two wonderful additions to our family.
This is Edith & Archie. We traveled all the way from Boston to Kentucky for these precious two. Archie is bigger and stronger than Edith, but boy she can hold her own with him. Michele you are wonderful to deal with and we look forward to seeing you again on our next trip to Kentucky.

Dawn and Tom

Boston, Mass.


I was so surprised to see the new puppy!! She is gorgeous!! She was just exactly what I wanted for my next puppy. I can’t believe my whole family kept this secret for as long. Lexi is doing great, and so is Jackson. They have their little scuffles, but it is so sweet to see them cuddle together. I have attached a couple of pictures.
Thanks again
We’ll keep in touch


Flores Family

Winchester, KY


Hi Michelle!

It was so wonderful to hear from you. Our new puppy is doing just wonderfully. He is the most wonderful addition to our family that we can imagine. We call him Frankie. His registered name is Twyford’s Footlong Frank! You know, like a hot dog?! He is just so long and thin like a hotdog! He answers to it just fine and has adjusted greatly. He and Stephie get along so well and I think she has already probably lost weight just playing and getting into stuff with him. His little personality is so precious. He is sweet and definitely mischievous. He keeps us on our toes but we love it. We haven’t had this much fun in forever. Housebreaking is going great. He goes on his puppy pad or outside 99.9% of the time. That is wonderful. We bought him a play pen the day after we got him and he loves it. And, of course,
his burrow bag is his favorite place to be besides with us. We took him to the vet on the Saturday after we got him and his health is perfect. I cannot tell you enough how perfect an addition he is to our family. All of our family love him as well as lots of people that we have introduced him to. Everyone thinks he is so cute and I have recommended you to many people who were thinking of getting a puppy! It was great to hear from you and I hope you always keep in touch as he grows.

Thank you so much for our sweet baby!


Twyford Family
Shelbyville, KY


Our experience with Landach’s Kennels was nothing but wonderful.  Michele is knowledgeable and her dogs are well tempered, healthy and beautiful.  She cares very much about the homes her dogs go to and that they are informed about miniature dachshunds and their care.
My Bruno (my 30th birthday present) is very healthy, very sweet, and a beautiful example of the breed.  He fits into our lives well.  Shannon, our dachshund mix, gets along with him well also.  He reminds me in looks and personality of his daddy, Chip!  My thanks, Michele, for the great experience.  If and when I’m ready for another I’ll be coming back to you
Cyndi Geiger
Ft. Mitchell KY
Once again, everything went well with our purchase from Michele and Landachs kennels.  Bruno, my year old chocolate and tan, is her half brother.  His mama is Cinder, hers Ember, and their daddy is Chip.  Phoebe is healthy,active, and a beautiful little girl.  We hope as she gets older that her conformation and health remains perfect so that we will be able to breed
her.  Her coloring is gorgeous!  She is such a sweet little girl, but boy
she has that dachshund stubbornness too-she can hold her own with her big

Thanks again Michele, for my beautiful little girl!

Cyndi Geiger

Kokomo is doing great.  He gets along very well with our other dachshunds, Lilly and Colonel Klink.  He might be the smallest but he knows how to put them in their place.  Kokomo is loved by everyone who sees him, they can’t resist his cute brown puppy eyes or his big fat feet.  He is now 12 weeks old and 5 pounds.
Kelly Branham
Pikeville, KY




Mike and Kathy Dixon
Flemingsburg, KY


My experience with Michele McDaniel was terrific, and most satisfying!! I have owned lots of doggies over the years, and have purchased them from breeders, pet stores, dog shelters, and private owners.

NOTHING can compare to Landachskennels…NOTHING!  The puppy we purchased was cute and cuddly, healthy and strong….and now he is a 12 lb. loveable, playful, little companion for our family, and a new brother to another mini-doxie that we had at home.

“Leroy” is just plain fun! He is quite affectionate now, and constantly wants to be picked-up and held, and he loves to play….morning, noon, and night! We love him so much!/>Landachskennels puppies are healthy and hearty. They are a joy to own, and I recommend the owner/kennel to everybody who wants a beautiful miniature dachshund !! Leroy has brought much new joy into our home!

Mike Dixon


Doing business with Landachs Kennels was a real pleasure. We were greeted by all Michele’s fur – kids when we arrived. All the dogs we met while we were there were friendly and well cared for. You can tell that Michele’s dogs are a part of her family. Michele and her husband were very friendly and knowledgeable and welcomed us into their home.

Our puppy Lexi is well tempered, a very quick learner, and healthy. She is now 12 weeks old. She is growing fast, inquisitive, smart and continues to do well with her potty training. She gets along great with our older Dachsie! We are so happy to have Lexi as a part of our family.

I would recommend Landachs Kennels to anyone looking for a sound and sweet puppy to add fun to their lives! Thanks Michele!!!

Kathy Green, Trenton, Michigan

mooseOur experience with Landachs Kennels was both informative and hospitable. Michele and her husband were knowledgeable and invited us warmly into their home. I would not hesitate to recommend Landachs Kennels to friends interested in adopting a loving puppy.

Moose is a healthy, playful pup and an excellent lap warmer! He is a joy. We love loving him. Big Thanks to the McDaniels!

Sandy, Elaine, and Miles

Frankfort, Ky



Thank you for our new family member. He has filled our home and hearts with love and joy. Rudy is a wonderful puppy. It is obvious to us, that you are a knowledgeable caring breeder who is dedicated to her dogs and puppies. Rudy was already well socialized and doing well with house breaking, when we brought him home. We are sure its because of the love and attention he received from you. Our experience with Landachs has been a pleasure. When we are ready for another we will be coming back to you.

Marlene and  Steve Bratcher


David and Jocelyn
Boston Mass

with Shyloh and Puddy

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